Cool Logo, Bro.

Cool Logo, Bro.

Hand crafted, Home-Made, Bro-Made Logos to make your business look cool.

Ballin' on a budget

Ballin' on a budget

We have awesome design packages to suit any budget

Logos For Everbody!

Whether you’re Small Business, Medium Business, No Business, Self-Employed, Over-Employed, Unemployed, An Entrepreneur, A DJ , A VJ, A Consultant, A Contractor, A Candidate , An Artist, An Activist, An Octopus , A Wizard, A Warlock or just like to have your name on nice things.

How we roll.

What can a Logo Bro do for you?

Brand Identity

Let's discover WHO your brand is. Developing your brand identity is critical for new and existing business. We can help with that.

Logo Design

Designing logos is kinda our thing. You just tell us about yourself or your brand and we will bring your ideas to life! We promise you'll love the designs we create together.

Other Stuff

Package design, business cards, flyers, banners and all kinds of other cools stuff. Coming Soon!

Our Business is making Your Business look cool.

Awesome Logo Design for any budget

Check out our Bro-Tastic design packages. I'm sure you'll find one that works for you.

Basic Bro Package
Better Bro Logo Package
Best Bro Logo Package

Design for the Digital Age

retro computer logo bro


Unless the logo is for your niece's lemonade stand, there is a good chance it will need to look good on different mediums. All of our designs are hand crafted to be versatile and scalable across all media forms so it will look great regardless of where it's presented.


That logo is so, last week. Seriously, that's how fast trends and styles are changing these days. Luck for you, you don't need to updated with whats cool this week. That's our job. Our super cool brand ninja's are always in tune with current trends and we apply that currentness to all of our work.


The year is 2015, no longer is practical to have just one representation of your logo. Although, traditional marketers of the days old would scoff at the idea of modifying a brand's logo for different applications. The truth is, that's how things are done these days. You may need full color versions for your website, an all white version for your t-shirts and a simplified version for your favicon. If that's the case, we got you.


We've created awesome logos for awesome people all around the world.


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